Help to lose weight

Loosing weight is one of the most difficult parts of getting healthy. A good balanced diet and exercise is the key and here are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

Taking steps to achieving a healthy weight can make a huge difference both to physical health and how we feel about ourselves.  The NHS Choices website has tools to help you check your correct weight range and keep on track. You can also download a BMI calculator and tracker appThe Change4life website has plenty of ideas to help you swap to less fattening foods and increase your activity levels a step at a time. It also includes advice on what to do if your child is overweight.

If you think you would find it easier to lose weight with other people supporting and encouraging you, why not try one of the many classes available in Eastbourne, Lewes and the surrounding area. Have a look at their websites to choose one which will suit you best.

Search our Directory to see all the different activities you could get involved in to increase your activities and look out for Events and for courses on cooking and gardening in the Eat Well pages on this website to inspire you.