Starting a family?

Deciding to start a family is a life changing moment, and often brings joy to all involved. However, this isn't always the case and their is support out their for those who need it.

East Sussex Council offers Early Help for Vunerable families and Parenting Courses and Advice 

The East Sussex NHS Trust offers support in the form of a Postnatal Depression and Anxiety Support Group, for more information view this leaflet. They also offer a Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service, with more information available here.

For most women and their families pregnancy or a new baby is a source of joy but some women can experience severe depression either before or after the birth of their child.  Call the PANDAS Helpline on 0843 2898401 or visit their website if you are struggling with depression. The Eastbourne Clinic also offers services to women experiencing depression around the birth of a child and can be contacted on 01323 430831 or by email at Talk to your GP if you are struggling with depression and about the possibility of a referral.