Everyone should be able to get active and play sport if they want to. There are opportunities in Lewes, Eastbourne and the surrounding area for the disabled community to get involved.

Eastbourne and Lewes offer various opportunities for individuals with additional needs.

You might also find our page about Disabled Sport Organisations useful.

Eastbourne’s promenade is a great place to enjoy and is wheelchair accessible. You can enjoy wonderful sites such as the Wish Tower and  Band Stand. These also have various events throughout the year. For details visit Eastbourne Events. During the summer months, Eastbourne’s famous Dotto train, runs the length of the promenade. This is wheelchair accessible.

The seafront has accessible toilets at various points all along the promenade. It also has Changing Places toilet. There is a bathing hut located near the lifeguard station. This has a wooden pathway to the high water mark nearby.

Eastbourne’s parks offer opportunities such as Blind Bowls at Gildredge Park. There are wheelchair paths through the wooded section and round the lake at Hampden Park.

The Eastbourne Access Guide has details of accessible venues and locations around Eastbourne. It  includes maps showing wheelchair accessible routes across the town – Eastbourne Access Guide.

The Eastbourne Access Group has a list of Accessible places to visit in East Sussex. This is a valuable resource for any disabled person living in or visiting the area

Lewes has accessible public facilities, which can be found on the Access for All page on the council website.