Gardens and gardening

Gardening is a great way to stay active and spending time in a garden has plenty of benefits to our health and well-being. Whether you have you're own garden or not, there are lots of ways to get started.

For people without their own garden the options can include helping neighbours with their gardens, helping out or spending time in community gardens or having an allotment or share in one.

Community Gardens

Shinewater Community Garden, Eastbourne

We are looking for groups of volunteers from local schools, groups or clubs to adopt a bed at the Shinewater Community Garden. For more details please contact Sarah Roberts on 01323 436436.

Lewes Community Allotment

Lewes Community Allotment is a large shared plot, cultivated by its members. The produce is shared and enjoyed by all members. Formerly  known as Lewes Organic Allotment Project it is situated just outside of Lewes and welcomes those we all different level of ability

The Renee White Memorial Garden – Dursley Road and Winchcombe Road, Eastbourne

The Renee White Memorial Garden has been named in tribute to Renee White, a resident of Winchcombe Road for many years who continually championed getting something done about the waste area behind her house.

If you are interested in helping shape the garden and moving it forward, please contact Sheila at or ring on 07808 458169.

The garden is one of the first of projects between residents and Transition Town’s Edible Eastbourne. The aim is to create spaces that provide food, attract the bees and butterflies and a place to relax and enjoy.

Medical Kitchen Garden, Lewes Priory

Mixing history and gardening, this garden is run entirely by volunteers and they are always looking for people to join them. At the moment is is off season but they usually meet on a Thursday afternoon from the end of March until the end of September from 2:30-4pm. To find out more email: or visit their website.

Matthew 25 Mission Physic Garden, Eastbourne

The Matthew 25 mission at Christchurch, Seaside planted a large community garden in 2013 growing fresh vegetables to help supply the kitchen so that clients of the mission have access to fresh healthy food.

2014 saw the birth of the Physic Garden – a collection of culinary and medicinal herbs.

The Newhaven Growing Together Community Garden

The Newhaven Growing Together Community Garden was set up in January 2010, with the aim to provide the local community with a space that they can use as their own and enjoy throughout the year. with the garden perched on a cliff there are amazing view to go with the year round activities and delicious produce.

Gardening courses

Check the Events calendar for updates on any courses or let Street Learning know if you would like a course in your area by ringing 01323 436436.

Seed exchanges

Check the Events calendar for information about any Seed Exchanges.


Within Greenhavens (Telscombe through to Seaford) there are over 90 community groups working in some shape and form in our green spaces. These groups are passionate and enthusiastic about their green spaces, they exist to look after them, reaching out to inspire as many people that they can.

These groups are made up of hundreds of volunteers, our unsung heroes, who collectively provide thousands and thousands of hours of their free time. They do it because they care, to make friends, to keep healthy, to learn new skills- all the time falling in love with what’s so beautiful around them.

Imagine what our green spaces would look like without them? Imagine no activities going on that you could get involved in? Or even more tragically that they disappear forever, neglected and unloved.

Get involved and feel good – contact your local group below and see what a difference you can make to yourself and your green spaces.