Sing for your health

Signing is good for you health, no matter how good your voice is. It is easy to join a local choir, with lots of options across the district.

It is now well-known that singing is very good for your health. Singing is good for breathing, helps memory and concentration and is a really good way to be part of a group of people all working together on a shared goal. Research has shown that the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ are to ‘Connect; Be Active, Take Notice; Learn; and Give’. Singing in a local group or choir can help you achieve all of these.

You will get to know other people, exercise your heart, lungs and muscles and enjoy a real ‘feel good’ effect after a bout of hearty singing. Many groups and choral societies don’t ask new singers to audition and you don’t always need to be able to read music. Many local choirs also raise money for local charities.

To learn more about the benefits go to Sing For Health | 20,000 Voices

To find out about choirs in the Eastbourne District see Member Choirs

Lewes also has a Wie range of choirs available including, Lewes Gospel Choir, Rock Choir Lewes and the Lewes Vox Community Choir.