Health in Mind

Being mentally healthy is just as important as being physically fit. With 1 in 4 people in the UK being affected by mental health issues every year, we cannot ignore it. Speaking up save lives!

Everyone wants to make the most of our lives and have fun but we all face challenges from time to time.

This section tells you about services that are there to help at times of crisis, whether these are sudden changes such as bereavement and relationship breakdown or ongoing problems such as depression and anxiety.

East Sussex 1Space is a Directory of help you might need from personal care to getting odd jobs done and from advice to coping with ill health. The website is designed to help you find solutions around the county to help you live independently, safely and in good health.

We are also keen to include information in these pages about campaigns and schemes aimed at increasing general well-being such as:

  • employers’ schemes to improve their staff’s work-life balance
  • projects and services which help break down isolation
  • groups for people in similar situations to meet each other such as Parents and Toddlers

Please let us know about any activities or services which support emotional well-being by emailing

You may also find help from the following link : plus general support and information is available from libraries on health and wellbeing.

To link up with other organisations, groups and individuals with particular conditions, you may wish to visit Health Unlocked.